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At Fondazione In Between Art Film, we foster dialogues between video, cinema, and performance, supporting artists and institutions whose visions cross the boundaries between creative disciplines.


We are delighted to announce the world premiere of “Bliss Point” (2023), a new film by Gerard Ortín Castellví (b. 1988, Spain), on Friday, November 17, 2023, at 6:20 PM within the context of the 16th @schermodellarte – cinema and contemporary art festival.

“Bliss Point” was produced by Lo schermo dell’arte with Fondazione In Between Art Film. This initiative is part of our ongoing partnership on the VISIO Production Fund, a scheme devised and produced by Lo schermo dell`arte for selected young artists working primarily with moving images that participate in the VISIO residency program in Florence, curated by @leonardobigazzi, which the Fondazione has supported since 2017.

Ortín Castellví’s “Bliss Point” focuses on the transformation of food into moving images by documenting the new regimes and infrastructures of distribution. From the advanced technologies of circulation in AI-managed warehouses to commercial perception and representation in food photography studios, the journey portrays fragmented coexisting realities. The term ‘bliss point’ refers to a specific amount of an ingredient such as salt, sugar or fat in order to optimize the palatability of a product. In the film, this concept is expanded to include other aesthetic and scopic qualities. As the third piece of a trilogy on food production (“Agrilogistics,” 2022), distribution (“Bliss Point,” 2023) and consumption (“Future Foods,” 2021) it completes a long-term investigation of the Technologies and Ecologies of Food Regimes.

Image credit: @gerardortin, “Bliss Point,” 2023. Video still. Courtesy the artist, Lo schermo dell’arte, and Fondazione In Between Art Film