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Ali Cherri-240205
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Looking at our times through the prism of the moving image.


At Fondazione In Between Art Film, we foster dialogues between video, cinema, and performance, supporting artists and institutions whose visions cross the boundaries between creative disciplines.


We are delighted to announce that @ivan_argote and @karimahashadu have been invited by @adrianopedrosa to the 60th International Art Exhibition of @labiennale di Venezia, titled "Foreigners Everywhere." Congratulations, Iván and Karimah!

Through the years, we have had the pleasure of supporting the practices of these brilliant artists in different capacities, from production to commission and acquisition:

• in 2020, we commissioned and produced #IvánArgote`s film "Espacios Seguros" for #Mascarilla19 – Codes of Domestic Violence. With this project, we wanted to further the international debate on the dramatic issue of domestic abuse, which has been exacerbated by the long months of the COVID-19 emergency. “Espacios Seguros" conceptually links Bogotá and Paris, two cities that are very different from each other politically, economically and socially, but where the statistics and dynamics of violence against women are tragically similar.

• in 2022, we co-produced Argote`s film "Levitate" on the occasion of his nomination at the Prix Marcel Duchamp 2022. "Levitate" reflects on the presence of colonial monuments in public spaces through a speculative fiction approach. The video records a performative action which took place in Rome where the Piazza del Popolo’s Flaminio obelisk was brought down from its standing position and made levitate.

• in 2022, we also commissioned and produced #KarimahAshadu`s film "Plateau" on the occasion of #PenumbraVenice, our first institutional exhibition held at Complesso dell`Ospedaletto in Venice. "Plateau" depicts a group of undocumented, self-employed tin miners in Nigeria’s Jos Plateau region, striving to make a living out of an impoverished and unstable land as well as precarious and often life-threatening working conditions.

Image courtesy Venice Biennale

#BiennaleArte2024 #StranieriOvunque #ForeignersEverywhere